5 Ways to Increase Sale of eCommerce Store This Holiday Season

5 Ways to Increase Sale of eCommerce Store This Holiday Season

The holiday season may seem far away when you’re focused on the day-to-day work that comes with being in a small business, but now’s the perfect time to plan an amazing holiday to increase shopping experience for your customers with updating Season offers. From social media selling, strategies to easy financing options to update your offers targeted customer geographically, tap into our five online selling tips to help increase your holiday sales.

1- Make Sure New Shopping Holidays season are on Your target : Take advantage of the holiday season from consumers’ readiness to save and spend by planning your marketing strategy around the increasing The sell of your eCommerce Product. Use promotions that appeal to consumers shopping for unique gifts and Promo Code Offers.

2- Promote Easy Customer Financing : When shoppers are stretching their budgets during the holiday season, financing options are appealing. Approx 70 percent of consumers are more likely to use online purchase financing during the holiday season. Add Finance offering service to consumers buy products on easy cost and pay by EMI or Digital payment option. due to when customers have an online financing option that won’t add extra stress on season Holiday, they may be more inclined to choose you over another online retailer.

3- Sell & Promoting Products offer on Social Media: Social media Business accounts for more than 23% of the time that consumers spend online. Facebook Shops, Shopping on Instagram let you list and sell products directly in user feeds, allowing consumers to purchase without having to visit your website.

By using social Media Promotion through branding of business and offer to if customers are buying products on holiday Season they will get good offers and gifts. Instead of listing your products on every social platform and hoping for the best, get strategic. Determine where your most engaged audience is and focus your attention thereby creating a shopping experience that pairs perfectly with the platform.

4- Use Personalized Marketing Technique : Personalization lets you take a great in-person shopping experience you know, one where the sales associate remembers your name and helps you find exactly what you’re looking for and recreate it online.

Magento 2 is already very feature-rich but in terms of running a successful eCommerce store, you might need to have some more features in your store for better user experience. All Magento extensions listed here are tested and fully compatible with Magento version 2.

(A) Gift Card Extension A customer can purchase the gift card and send it to someone via email. The customer can also attach any personal message in the gift card. The person who receives the gift card can spend either a full amount or a partial amount from the gift card. The gift card code can be applied to the shopping cart.

Feature Rich Gift Card Extension:

  • Customer can send discount/credit score to their Relatives/Friends.
  • Give credit score/discount amount to your customers and enhance your business.
  • Admin can also Refund/Add/Deduct credits to the customer’s account.

(B) -Custom Discount Extension : Custom Discount Extension allows admin to provide custom discounts while creating order. This can result in an increased number of sales. Once a product that has a promotion is added to the cart, an additional product will be added to reflect the promotion and the promotion message will show up above the cart.

Feature Custom Discount Extension :

  • Can apply custom discounts while creating orders from admin.
  • Can apply Fixed/percentage discount
  • Applied discounts will be shown throughout the order management process.

(C )-Delivery Scheduler and Time Extension : Delivery Date Scheduler extension enables your customers to select and specify the order delivery dates and time of their preference. By empowering them to do so, you can take the speculation out of the entire order delivery process. All you need to do is, integrate this Magento Delivery Date Extension by display the available order delivery dates. Once your customers select the dates and times, you can easily reach up to their expectations.

Feature of Delivery Scheduler and Time Extension

  • Enable buyers to select days and times of delivery.
  • Specify how delivery data will be displayed on the fronted.
  • Allow customers to write delivery comments.

(D) -Store Pickup Extension :

Magento 2 Store Pickup adds an extra shipping method allowing customers to collect their orders right at the store by themselves. This supports to reduce the potential shipping risks from a third party and enhances the shopping experience with new pickup choice.

Feature Pickup Extension :

  • Setup your offline stores in Magento.
  • Allow customers to select the nearest pickup store during checkout.
  • Display all your store locations on a map and allow your customers to find the nearest store.

5- Optimize Your eCommerce Website Virtual Assistants and Voice Search : A simple step toward reaching your consumers more effectively is integrating voice searches into your overall SEO strategy and should your eCommerce website mobile Responsive. Start by thinking about how consumers use different language when performing a voice search compared to a text search.

The marketing tactics and technology upgrades day by day so, you employ ahead of the 2019 holiday shopping season will also help you hit the ground running in 2020. Think of the investment you’re making now as a holiday gift to the business you’re growing.


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