Make Your Magento Store Valentine's Day Ready

Make Your Magento Store Valentine's Day Ready

St. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Is your marketing strategy ready to win your customers’ hearts and leverage the lovers’ celebration?

The world has gone digital and e-commerce has been increasingly mainstream and favorable to people. Shopping behaviors of people consequently changed remarkably from physical offline stores to easily accessible e-commerce portals.

This blog will help you prepare your Magento Store for Valentine's Day and Make the Most of this Event.

Here are some of the very essential Magento extensions which will help you skyrocket your sales this holiday season.

 1. Banners and Sliders

This can be considered one of the most indispensable extension during any special occasion like St. Valentine’s Day or usual days. It can help you showcase your special sales and offers, featured products and website or app features.

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2. Gift Wrap

The next essential extension for your store is xMagestore Gift Wrap module. If one buys a gift from your store for his/her loved one, gift-wrapping is a very commonly asked feature. This extension can help you with this.

The customer can buy a gift and during checkout, one can select a gift wrap. This extension also allows the admin to provide different gift wrap options

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3. Gift Card

The next needed extension for your store is xMagestore Gift Card module.

One might not be able to decide what to buy for his/her valentine or just doesn't will to buy a physical gift. In this case, this extension can be used. One can buy a gift card and send it to the loved ones.

Explore Gift Card Extension for Magento 2.x 


4. Delivery Date and Time Scheduler

This xMagestore extension helps a customer to choose a particular date and time when he/she exactly wants his gift delivered to his/her valentine.

This extension has been also proved useful for birthday or any other special events when someone wants to get the gift delivered at a specific time and date.

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