Show Case Upcoming Sales Using Banners in Magento Store

Show Case Upcoming Sales Using Banners in Magento Store

Sales promotion is a common marketing strategy used by business owners including eCommerce platforms to boost sales. This works massively in the short term and is highly recommended for stores that want to increase sales.

Using a sales promotion strategy is a smart way to lure customers to try out new products. And while this can be super effective in driving sales to your store, you’ll want to ensure you do it correctly as this may affect sales and brand image if not done correctly. 

Today, the promo bar is proving to be one of the most effective ways for sales promotion. If you are an eCommerce owner looking to set up an effective promo bar on Magento and how to optimize it to boost sales, you’re welcome to read further, as today’s post has all the information you are looking for. 

What you should know about promo bars :

A promo bar is an incredible feature uniquely designed to allow eCommerce business owners to display various promotions on their site. While promo bars can be placed pretty much anywhere on your eCommerce store we always advise to have it placed at the top of all the pages on your website. This feature can be used to display short time information like promotions, discounts, flash sales and information on free shipping. 

How to set up a promo banner on Magento store :

Setting up a promo banner on the Magento store is easy as there are lots of apps available out there specially designed to add a promo bar to your site. To start experimenting with banners on your Magento store, you’ll have to install a unique extension designed for this purpose. Thankfully there are lots of available extensions that allow you to showcase upcoming sales using banners on your Magento store. One that we have found to work perfectly and is easy to use and navigate is the Magento 2 promo bar. 

Using this fantastic extension allows Magento retailers to prepare and present their content to customers in a compact space. This helps to maintain seamless navigation while still been effective in announcing upcoming promotions to visitors in your store. 

With this powerful tool, you can easily create, design and take advantage of sticky banners you can place on all pages of your site. And because there is no limit to the content of the bar, you can use it to publish any content including promotions, giveaways, flash sales and more. 

Why every Magento store owner should use banners on their store :

  • Using promotional banners on your Magento store will boost sales
  • It will improve traffic and attract customers who are window shopping
  • It is a smart and cheap way to scale up your business, especially if you don’t have money to run ads
  • It is easy to design as you can do this all by yourself.

Bottom line

There are lots of marketing strategies you can use to drive sales to your Magento store, but one we have seen to work tremendously is using banners to showcase upcoming sales. Take advantage of this marketing strategy today, and scale up your business beyond levels you never thought possible.