Increase Customer Loyalty to Your Magento Store Using Store Credit

Increase Customer Loyalty to Your Magento Store Using Store Credit

Are you looking to increase customer loyalty to your store, boost sales and more? Then now will be an awesome time to leverage the all-powerful Magento store credit. For eCommerce business owners who are just starting out, Magento 2 store credit provides you with an incredible opportunity to set up a credit system on your Magento store site. This is important if you want to boost customers’ engagement and attract new shoppers to your physical site. With Magento 2 store credit extension, customers can easily manage and redeem their store credit balance at your store. One thing we love about Magento 2 store credit plugin is that it allows customers to share their credits with friends, this has proven to attract new clients and boost sales tremendously.

Besides store credit, you can also boost your loyal customer base via other exciting Magento 2 loyalty programs like gift cards or reward programs. 

Features of Magento store credit :

Using Magento store credit comes with lots of exciting features uniquely designed to increase sales and boost customers’ loyalty so that they always shop from your stores. Here, check out some of the stands out features of Magento 2 enable credit extension

  • Add or subtract a customer’s credit value
  • Refund customers using store credit
  • Buy store credit
  • Spend or share store credits with friends
  • Helps manage stats on store credits

What you should know about Magento store credit :

Magento store credit is a powerful extension that works on the e-commerce store running on the Magento platform. This incredible tool is uniquely designed to improve the way businesses interact with customers using virtual credits. Using Magento store credits extension allows customers to spend credits to checkout an order or get refunded via store credits. The icing on the cake is that Magento store credit not only makes transactions seamless while also boosting sales but also allows buyers to earn, purchase and share credits using their values. At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide specific saving rates from your Magento 2 backend. With Magento 2 store credit, customers are free to buy special credits and use it as their visual wallet. They can also save them and purchase products whenever they want without any hassle. Also, be rest assured that you can easily have access to credit reports directly from your Magento backend so you have nothing to worry about. 

Using the Magento 2 store credit will allow e-commerce business owners to:

  • Add and refund customers via store credit
  • Grants customers seamless access to purchase store credits and send to friends
  • Use store credits to make purchases
  • Easily access credit reports from the back end.

Bottom line

For Magento retailers looking to boost sales and improve customer loyalty to their business, now will be an amazing time to get the Magento 2 store credit extension plugged in on your site. According to reports, this powerful tool is proven to boost sales and engage customers. Take advantage of this fantastic tool to stay ahead of your competitors