Get insight of your website speed and SEO score

  • Increase SEO Optimization Of Store
  • Daily Alert on Page Score Fluctuations
  • Download Page Speed Report
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Easy Setup

Quick/Intutive configuration process. Easily setup and start using the extension using our WIKI

Fast Support

Quick/Intutive configuration process. Easily setup and start using the extension using our WIKI


Quick/Intutive configuration process. Easily setup and start using the extension using our WIKI

Get Your Store Score

With Page Speed extension one can easily Get Store Speed Score Graph Report on Admin Dashboard.

Get Speed Record Report

Download / Export Daily Store Speed Record.

Get Updated Daily with your Speed Score

Get Update Of Store Speed Score On Registered Mail Address.

Pagespeed is an important factor to optimize your site following web best practices. It is available as a module for GTMatrix, Google PageSpeed Insights, and Woorank.

According to Google, all existing websites can benefit from improved page speed by integrating the Pagespeed Module on the website. Nowadays most of the visitors prefer the quick responsive website to see all information in less time waiting.

The average time most websites take to fully load the average mobile landing page is 22 seconds. Although Google Suggest also indicates 53% of people will leave a mobile page when your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

The performance of a website on the search engine is determined by many factors; we outlined a few of them on our research way “Why is my page slow?” page.

Let’s make better customer experience to the highest level by optimizing the Pagespeed module on the website. By Implementing using the idea of JS, CSS minification and the images’ optimization, our module offers a lot of additional information about the website which one helpful to reduce the page loading time and increase Google rankings.

Exciting features

Easy Installation
Help In
SEO Friendly

PageSpeed Module is giving feedback on what can be done to optimize your site. You have prepared many of the issues to report about the website to you that can be resolved automatically by the PageSpeed module simply by installing it.

Get Daily
Alert on

PageSpeed Module will break down your web page performance in a summarized report. It will set up an alert and get notified when your web page underperforms and send you an alert linked to a full report so you can know what happened.

  • The tracking loading time of the web page
  • Tracking information about website SEO score
User Friendly

Pagespeed module is developed to help you improve your eCommerce website performance by solving the main task such as a fast and efficient. It improves user experience with an attractive user interface of the admin dashboard where admin can track all insight reports with updated information on the website by a single click.

Report Analysis

Google's Pagespeed module is pretty simple to get up and running on the website for anyone who has ever API Integration after logged to reach the dashboard to get advance Reports analysis about the website.

  • Insight PageSpeed analysis report chart at the admin Dashboard.
  • Single Click Report Analysis about website
Chart Analysis

PageSpeed Module allows for an optimization website without any changes to a website’s content. As your site brings in more traffic and becomes more complex, you will likely notice everything on the website including Report analysis of the website..

  • Y-Slow and PageSpeed Represent analysis Report in the form of data graphical view
  • Overview regarding page speed & website loading score on the admin dashboard.

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